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  1. I am so on board for Faking It

  2. moth866643999642311568:

    i found this series of stock images that are supposed to be of bullying but they just look really gay to me

  3. Hannibal is Hannibest

  4. Enjoying the southerners in this book just straight up being like “If we free slaves they’ll kick us out of power” 

    and free labor

    Like the honesty

  5. Inside Amy Schumer is so fucking funny

  6. darthclarke:

    Fuckin made my night.

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  7. Hair game so strong

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    we’re up all night to get bucky


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    A gay soldier calls his father shortly after DADT is repealed.

    (Father’s dialogue in smaller, italic font above.)

    Dad of the Year Award

    Oh, my heart.

    These gifs can’t convey it, but this soldier and his family are from Alabama, and speak with a pronounced southern twang. Given how much of the South remains outspokenly homophobic, it makes this conversation all the more remarkable to hear it in their own voices.

  12. Who wants in

    Who wants in

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