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  1. "Jokes"

    Does Aquaman ever run into fish who get pissed about him not helping out like their brother? Like he’s trying to get some dolphin to help him with whatever and the dolphin is like “Hey where were you when my brother got caught in a tuna net huh? Why didn’t you help him?” 

    And Aquaman is like “Hey listen dude the ocean is 70% of this planet! SEVENTY PERCENT! Do you have ANY IDEA how much that is?! You know what I was doing when that happened to your brother? Saving these waters from an indescribable nightmare creature! Fucking Superman, you heard of Superman? He can’t stop all the crime in ONE city! I’m sorry I can’t save everything in the waters. Now can you get over it and help me stop Black Manta?” 

    And does Aquaman stop fish-crime? That could be a whole line of DC Comics, Aquaman solving Fish-Crime, fish-home invasions, fish-icide, bank robberys, the stuff that’s Land Heroes bread and butter. What I can’t wait for is the very special issue that’s about School Shootings though. 

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    1. whoanelleus said: Lost it at school shooting, bahaha
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